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Bob Korch and Ron Alai founded Full Motion Net in 1989 as a network solutions company and BBS. We chose our executive titles to be Brainiac and Wizard as Bob was a walking encyclopedia and Ron had the knack for fixing our clients equipment by simply walking into the room. Early on we wrote several programs still in use today, built state of the art hardware, and became well respected as a solutions provider both locally and regionally. On the BBS side we received Christian mail from the West Coast via satellite and relayed the mail to East Coast Hubs.

With the introduction of the Internet we turned to creating and hosting websites. Chock Full o' Nuts was one of our more prominent clients as we created their first website and retained their account for many years until they were bought out for the third time, in which case the parent company had their own IT department. On the solutions side we went on to form many technical relationships with companies from JVC to Cisco.

In 1991 Full Motion Net became a Limited Liability Corporation. For the next nine years we developed and expanded the presence of our clients on the Internet.  Unique and niche marketing strategies led our customers to the forefronts of their industries.

In 1999 Full Motion Net LLC setup a Internet Store Model to demonstrate to its clients the benefit of online sales. Taking a few products from a handful of its clients, Full Motion Net LLC opened Shire Online. Within six months of opening, Shire Online grew to one of the largest sporting goods stores on the planet.   Aggressive marketing campaigns and acquisitions of minor domains enabled Full Motion Net LLC to become the 10th largest Paintball retailer in the world.

In early 2000 Full Motion Net LLC formed an international alliance with National Paintball Dealer of Mexico, NPDM, to distribute Paintball Products. Later that year Shire Online was sold to Shire Products. Using similar marketing strategies Full Motion Net LLC went on to design several other stores for clients each surpassing their sales goals and continuing to be successful today.

In 2003 and after 2000% growth, Full Motion Net LLC led the industry in product distribution and support of the sport of paintball in Mexico and South America.

In 2004 and through today, Full Motion Net LLC continues to be a leader in communications, internet and information systems, with its broadband hosting ability, state of the art extreme servers, solutions support and electronic commerce strategies.
In 2005 Bob passed on. Bob was a great friend and a mentor and we continue to base our company methodology on the founding mutual principles that Bob and I have always shared. Since then Full Motion
Net LLC has grown exponentially with its Mexican partners in sporting good sales and Ron Alai resides on the board of NPDM and also as the company's Chief Strategic Officer. It doesn't take a “Wizard” to predict the future, but it does take "reading the book."

In 2011 and through today we have added manufacturing of our own sporting good products as well as international pharmaceutical equipment sales and a few other related child companies to our venue, however,  we still create and host websites and that's what this site is about.
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