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When purchasing a domain do not buy any optional service unless you desire to have it made private. Do not buy domain forwarding. We recommend using Network Solutions or Make sure you write down your username and password because unless you can log in it can't ever be changed.

In order to move your domain to our servers you must log in to where you bought your domain from which is referred to as the registrar. Go to Change Name Server. Every domain registrar allows you to change your name servers, call them if you can't find it. You will be entering 3 Name Servers, so make sure you click the box where it might say add more than 2 Name Servers.

The Name Servers that you will enter are as follows and they are case sensitive:
If you are one of our legacy customers the first Name Server may say: TEN.VRAVE.NET this is also ok, do not change it.

You may check your NAME Server designation by Clicking Here and submitting your domain name. At the very bottom of the report it will list your Name Servers.  If your company has web forwarding already in place and you must forward, then you need to forward to: You will need to use the "www" prefix in front of your domain name to get to your website. If we run your DNS, you will be able to access your domain with and without the "www" prefix, as well as having the option of using additional sub domains.

We no longer host our own E-Mail. Sometimes Microsoft or Google or other companies may be running specials where new business accounts are free or highly discounted. Sometimes mail service is available at the Registrar where you bought your domain. It is the customer’s responsibility to open their own Electronic Mail account(s). Once you have obtained a subscription, let us know whom you are with and we will add the appropriate data to your DNS account so that it will work through your domain. Once you get your Welcome message your mail is working.

If your website is working and your mail is not working the problem is likely your mail service, in any case you can email us and we will troubleshoot the problem for you. If your website is not working please make sure you have renewed your domain. Again, you may also write us and we will find and or fix the problem.

If any of your modules, databases, images or videos are not working properly - please let us know and also the name of the browser that you were using. Not everything works the same way in every browser, but we will strive to get it close.

Use File-Zilla, it can be downloaded Here. When you open the program near the top enter in the host. Then put in your username and password. Then click Quick Connect. Your data will be forever saved in the quick connect drop down box unless you erase the history.
If you are on one of our Ubuntu servers you will be using Google Analytics, so you must log into your Google Account. If you are on our Window's Server then
your webstats are found here: where "" is what your domain is actually called.  Webstats are updated every Sunday and span a calendar year, before reset.  It's a good idea to print them periodically for your comparison.

We generally reboot our servers after updates during late night hours, usualy after 2AM EST. The servers take approximately 5 minutes to reboot and come back to life. This amounts to approximately 2 hours of downtime per server, per year. Sometimes there are network problems at our host Netsonic but these are fixed
quickly. Netsonic is not in a flood or heavy weather region and their uptime is impeccable. With that said we have been able to maintain a better than 99.9% uptime since we moved to Netsonic in October 2012. If for any reason your site is down please email us. We monitor our email frequently and each of our servers have failsafe monitors which inform us immediately if they are down or unresponsive, as well as 24/7 Server monitoring at Netsonic. If your site is down, we probably already know about it - but we will answer you back promptly.

Images of our servers' drives are backed up to a Netsonic NAS server every 3 days, overwritten. If we host your website then we have several copies of your data stored in numerous places. In all we maintain 5 copies of each site that we host. Should we lose a server, we can rebuild it and get it up and running in a matter of hours. We have over two decades in hosting experience and we have seen and resolved everything imaginable that can go wrong and then some.  Rest assured that if your site is down it won't be for long and you will have communication with us.

The Buck Stops Here:
Should you need anything, any information, any problem resolved or just have general questions, I will take care of you personally and promptly. You may email me direct or use this site's contact form. I will let you know that I have received your mail and when your answer or resolve can be anticipated. None of the email
that you send will be auto-responded. Our clients know that I am there for them. As a team we strive to go above and beyond our competition and our customers are happy.
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